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H&R Block Celebrates Exemplary Franchisees for Their Leadership and Commitment to Community Involvement  

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3 min read

November 09, 2022

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Nov. 9, 2022) – H&R Block (NYSE: HRB) today announced its Featured Franchisees of the Year at the company’s One Team Convention. Every year, the company recognizes the top franchisees for business performance across a series of key metrics, honoring three Featured Franchisees of the Year for their success, community involvement and brand ambassadorship. 

“Our franchisees’ resilient and bold behaviors were instrumental to our success in the 2022 tax season,” said Bob Moretti, Senior Vice President of Franchise Operations at H&R Block. “We are honored to recognize our associates and franchisees who demonstrate a daily commitment to clients, while also giving back to their communities.”

H&R Block’s Featured Franchisees of the Year, Elite 25 and Top 100 include:

Featured Franchisees of the Year

  • Mary K. Harris, Illinois
  • Nathan Cour, Connecticut
  • Dan Dever & Nikki Sundstedt, California

Elite 25

  • Bonnie Arnold, Indiana
  • Vickie Croteau, Maine
  • Lori Dagenhart, Maryland
  • James M. Floyd Jr., Georgia
  • Tran Forbes, Virginia
  • Roberta Gann, Michigan
  • Teri Golibart & Jason Rogers, Texas
  • Dawn M. Grode, Wisconsin 
  • Terri Henson, Texas
  • Sue L. Kies, Illinois 
  • Joanne Kopanski & Tina Atkinson, North Carolina
  • Lillie Lecher, Nebraska
  • Tracy Lee, Colorado
  • Cathy & Eric Linder, Florida
  • Amanda Rhoton, Indiana
  • Karol Saritas, California
  • Johnnie Smith Jr., Florida
  • Roger Sorensen, Nebraska
  • Jason Suchland, Michigan

Top 100

  • John Alexander Alba, EA CCA, California
  • Tamara & Dean Ammerman, Kentucky
  • Keri Amos-Sorenson, Idaho
  • Mark & Sharlene Bell, Utah
  • Armando Belmudez, California
  • Joan Bengford, Iowa
  • Michael Beovides & Peggy Herrera Beovides, Florida
  • Kathy J. Bollone & Misty R. Bollone, Michigan
  • Edward Bonaccorsi II, Massachusetts 
  • Denise Borchard & Tina Candy, Michigan
  • Athena Bradley, Oklahoma
  • Maura Breslin, Vermont
  • Greg Bruley, Minnesota
  • Charles Buck, Michigan
  • Kay Cain, Missouri
  • Becky L. Carney, Tennessee
  • Laura Corder, Colorado
  • Sang Chang, CPA & Jongsoon Kim, California
  • Justin Davidson & Zaneta Davidson, Arkansas
  • Wanda DeLong, Virginia
  • Scott Derwick, New York & Pennsylvania
  • Kim Dorion, Wisconsin 
  • Dawn K. Every & Christy Field, New York
  • Kim Foister & Cindy Bullington, Georgia
  • Amie & Rob Fuller, Utah
  • Paula Geschwind, Michigan
  • James Gobeli & Jody Gobeli, Iowa
  • Andrea Gouchenour, Montana
  • Jennifer Grant & Francis Grant, South Carolina
  • Debra Gruzosky, Indiana
  • Fatima Guadri, CPA EA, New York
  • Dawn Heisler, Minnesota 
  • Debra Henning, Pennsylvania
  • Eric & Ann Himschoot, Florida
  • Sheryl Holliday, Ohio 
  • Catherine Hope, Maine
  • Teresa House, Minnesota
  • Elizabeth Houston, Indiana
  • Sybil Keach & Gregory Hanville, Indiana 
  • Birgit Klockmann, Arizona & California
  • Lisa Knepp, Indiana 
  • Eileen A. Kopaczewski, Wisconsin
  • Samantha Larney, Kansas
  • John & Maureen La Rose, Florida 
  • Corey Lee, Minnesota
  • Deborah Luginbuh, Ohio
  • Olivia Ly, Massachusetts
  • Angela Martin, Hometown 
  • Michael Martin & Kelly Holmes, South Carolina
  • Carlos Martinez, Florida
  • Karen Mehta, California
  • Mary Ann Mullen, Missouri 
  • Elizabeth Norris, New Jersey
  • Lisa Norstrom, Ohio 
  • Kevin Olson, Oregon
  • Stephen & Claudia Parker, North Carolina
  • Kathy Raymond, Texas
  • Jennifer & Travis Reckinger, Kentucky
  • Rick Renzelman, New Hampshire
  • Chuck Riggs, Missouri
  • Keith Robertson & Bliss Ballew, Texas
  • Cheri Forbis, Kansas
  • Sue Ann Strobel Sanders, Indiana
  • Lori Scallon, Iowa
  • Leo J. Schlangen, Minnesota
  • Amanda Sells, Iowa
  • Keith Shearrer, Texas
  • Roosvelt Simil, Georgia
  • Rebecca Smith, North Carolina
  • Mark Sternberg, New Jersey
  • Paula Strasheim, Nebraska
  • Aaron Taylor, Utah
  • Alan Twombly, Oregon 
  • Timothy & Adela Walsleben, Texas
  • Tonjia Willis, Oklahoma
  • Chris Wilson, North Carolina & Virginia
  • Denise Zaharoff & Patrick Zaharoff, Georgia


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