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Making a Difference in People’s Lives: Henry Bloch Client Service Award Winners

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4 min read

September 03, 2021

H&R Block

Thirty-three tax pros recognized with annual award

Every year, H&R Block recognizes top tax pros that live out the company’s purpose – to provide help and inspire confidence in our clients and communities everywhere. This year’s Henry Bloch Client Service award honorees are no exception, as they deliver excellent client care and make meaningful contributions to the communities where they live and work.

Meet three of this year’s award winners:

Tackling tough problems and creating accountability

Dana Gamblin-Williams, a senior tax specialist at H&R Block for 30 years, is eager to solve challenges but is known for using patience and understanding in every interaction. Her approach to helping with problems is to instill confidence in others leading her to exceed the expectations of clients and teammates.

Beyond helping clients solve tough tax situations, Dana brings accountability and compassion to helping her community. She has been serving on the Erie Metro Housing Authority board of Sandusky, Ohio for more than 23 years and is currently the vice chair. She volunteers her time to represent residents, advocate for families, oversee policy and procedures and as a national certified commissioner, she shares her experience with national boards.

She often represents families during hearings for issues like eviction. “We all need to have accountability,” said Dana. “I encourage the families I help to be doing their part, and I will do my best to represent them in what can be a confusing and frustrating process.”

Serving others using cooking skills, passion, and team builders

Tax pro Jenna Holliday in Asheboro, NC is known building strong friendships with both her clients and fellow tax pros. She spends her time making sure clients understand their tax situations and are satisfied with the experience. Jenna also helps other tax pros research tough questions while playing the role of cheerleader for everyone on her team who needed rallying during the past year.

Her connection to people doesn’t stop with her clients and co-workers. Volunteering is her true passion. Over the past four years, she has cooked, packaged and drove 25 miles each way to deliver more than 1000 meals as a volunteer at Feeding Locals First, an organization dedicated to feeding those experiencing homelessness. The organization has no physical space and runs exclusively with volunteers who rotate days and use personal funds to purchase supplies and their home kitchens to prepare meals.

“It is sad because many of the homeless are vets and suffering. My dad is a Vietnam vet who suffers with PTSD,” said Jenna. “I want to connect with each of the people I serve and let them know they matter and are valuable.”

At least twice a year, Jenna hosts her H&R Block co-workers for a team building event preparing and delivering meals. This past Christmas, she gathered a group of friends to help with the meal and added gift bags filled with personal care items, socks, scarves and hats for each person who received a meal. She loves watching her friends receive “thank yous” and the occasional hug while they serve.

Bringing motivation to both tax pros and students

David Flatt, an H&R Block senior tax analyst in Henderson, Nev. has a mission to make sure each client has a great experience, even when they have an unexpected tax outcome. He is driven to help when people are confused, in trouble or need an extra hand. And he always helps with a smile.

David knows about making long-term commitments as well. A 31-year volunteer with PACBAC, an organization that brings professionals and youth together build a commitment to school, he has talked about life after school with thousands of junior high and high school students. He speaks to small classrooms and full auditoriums all with the same goal, to connect with at least one kid who is considering dropping out, help them see life after school, and keep them in school.

David knows he has reached at least one student. During a family outing at the local raceway, he was approached by a young man who introduced himself as a past class member from one of David’s classes. The young man thanked David for his message, “You can be anything once you finish high school,” and said these words motivated him to stay in school. He is now a program manager at a national speedway.

“I want to continue to be that encouragement. Plus, I have fun working with the kids and talking about their futures,” said David.

Award winning service

In all, 33 H&R Block and Block Advisors tax pros were recognized for consistently exceeding client expectations. Each of these tax pros helped clients navigate tax situations and gave back to their communities.

Dana, Jena, and David are just three stories of the thousands of examples of expertise and care being delivered by H&R Block tax pros every day and every year.

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