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To-do lists undone? No time for taxes? H&R Block Tax Pro Go lets clients get back to their to-do lists

3 min read

3 min read

April 04, 2019

H&R Block

It’s no surprise people are busy, but the types of things they can’t make time for because of their hectic lifestyles include necessities. According to an H&R Block poll, these are the top five things the average American is planning tackle “later”:

  • Odd jobs around the house.
  • Medical check-ups.
  • Cabinets/spring cleaning.
  • Bills.
  • Paperwork organization.

With routine tasks being put off, tax prep also is something else people on the go are putting off doing. Of the taxpayers polled who said they’re filing their own taxes this year, half said they’re too busy for it. For them and those who like to have a tax professional prepare their return, H&R Block Tax Pro Go could help them manage their to-do list – and get their taxes filed by a tax professional who will prepare their tax return, sign and submit it to the IRS after it has been approved by the client – all without the client stepping foot in a tax office.

“According to the survey, a lot of Americans are letting things slide around the house simply because they’re so busy,” said Karen Orosco, senior vice president at H&R Block. “Our new Tax Pro Go service lets consumers just securely upload their documents online and get paired with a tax pro who takes care of the rest. There’s no need to even leave the house.”

Too busy for your to-do

H&R Block Tax Pro GoSM enables clients to get their taxes prepared and filed by a tax professional based on the information they provide online. This tax professional will ensure every tax deduction and credit to which clients are entitled will be found and will get the client their maximum tax refund. Clients will know their price upfront and clients talk to and securely message their tax pro when it is convenient for them. The first step tax filers need to take is to get their paperwork organized.

“Getting the necessary information together is key. Missing tax documents can lead to missing out on entitled credits and deductions. Anyone needing a reminder of what they should pull together can check their documents against a tax prep checklist like the one H&R Block has online. Once someone has all their documents together, there’s no reason to wait to file,” Orosco said.

In addition to H&R Block Tax Pro Go, taxpayers have multiple ways online to access H&R Block, including through the H&R Block apps, H&R Block Online products, downloaded H&R Block Software products or an appointment at an H&R Block retail tax office. To find the nearest H&R Block tax office, visit hrblock.com or call 800-HRBLOCK.

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