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It’s all about the refund: H&R Block empowers do-it-yourselfers with new tools, boosts refund

4 min read

4 min read

December 08, 2014

Solutions give taxpayers real-time insight into their refund, up to 10 percent bonus on federal refund at select retailers

H&R Block (NYSE: HRB), premiering its redesigned online and software products today, will offer do-it-yourself filers unrivaled real-time detail and insight into their refund with the new Refund RevealSM tool as well as a bonus on top of their federal refund of up to 10 percent at more than 40 retailers.

Refund Reveal empowers DIYers to understand their refund inside and out

Studies show that 74 percent of DIYers want to understand all the deductions and allowances they are entitled to while 63 percent want to understand what impacts their refund or tax bill at the end of the year. The Refund Reveal tool will offer this information in real-time so DIYers can understand how and why their refund amount increases or decreases as they prepare their return. It’s just one more way H&R Block helps DIYers get their maximum refund.

“The refund can feel somewhat mysterious for the DIYer: answer some questions, see the refund amount move up or down, and hope it stays positive by the end of the experience. Our new Refund Reveal will give these taxpayers a unique, in-depth and unparalleled look at why their refund increases or decreases as they move through the online tax experience,” said Jason Houseworth, president of retail and digital products for H&R Block. “This insight into their refund empowers them as DIYers and removes the uncertainty behind how their refund was calculated.”

Refund Bonus worth up to 10 percent extra at more than 40 retailers

H&R Block online and software clients may choose to put all or part of their federal refund, up to $9,000, on one or multiple e-gift cards from more than 40 retailers, including iTunes, Target, Starbucks and The Home Depot. Those who put at least $100 of their refund on gift cards will receive a bonus of up to 10 percent, just for choosing H&R Block. Considering the average refund issued by the IRS last year was approximately $2,800, that could mean up to an additional $280 on average.

Redesigned, mobile-optimized, personalized enhancements

This year, H&R Block redesigned the entire experience so it’s easier to use and more personalized to each DIYer’s specific tax situation. The user interface shows DIYers exactly where they are within the tax prep process and helps them jump to each section quickly.

DIYers can also now complete their taxes anytime from anywhere. The online product will adjust to the screen width of any device and browser, allowing DIYers to start their tax return on their smartphone and seamlessly switch to their tablet or laptop.

“In this mobile, always-on environment today, our consumers expect to be able to start, pause and resume tax preparation at their convenience. The new mobile-optimized DIY product will match the tax preparation experience to the lifestyle of each user,” said Houseworth.

All H&R Block clients may sign into their MyBlock online account and get prepared for tax season with their personalized organizer, take pictures and safely upload and store their tax documents and retrieve up to six years of previous tax returns. Using these unique tax documents, MyBlock will create a personalized interview experience so DIYers can file more quickly and easily.

Alongside these new tools, rewards and a redesigned mobile-optimized and personalized product experience, DIYers will continue to receive free, unlimited, expert tax advice through real-time chat; guaranteed maximum refund and 100 percent accuracy; and the industry’s only audit support with free in-person audit representation.

Taxpayers may visit http://www.hrblock.com/online-tax-filing/ to use H&R Block’s DIY online services or http://www.hrblock.com/tax-software/ to download H&R Block DIY software. Software also is now available in select retailers for purchase nationwide.


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