H&R Block recognizes International Women’s Day and shares progress toward its advancement of women

March 08, 2021 : H&R Block

Today, H&R Block and its thousands of associates across the globe recognize International Women’s Day to honor the social, economic, and cultural achievements of women. H&R Block has always been people-centered and creating a strong sense of belonging among all of its employees has been the hallmark of the company’s success. With the majority of its associates women, the company continues to be keenly focused on supporting and developing these leaders at all levels.

To this end, H&R Block pledged to advance women in August 2020 as a Catalyst CEO Champion for Change participant. Since, the company has steadfastly marched toward its goal by:

  • Accelerating progress in the representation of women in senior level positions,
  • Accelerating representation of women on our Board, now with 40% members being women,
  • Strengthening our pipeline and reviewing processes by reporting talent funnel metrics quarterly and tracking diversity and inclusion in our employment pipeline, and
  • Sharing key representation metrics with Catalyst for benchmarking and for anonymized reporting.

“As a senior female leader at Block, I remember joining the company and feeling welcomed, inspired and fully supported and most importantly heard by my associates and colleagues,” said Tiffany Monroe, chief people officer at H&R Block. “It is this sense of belonging and community of support for our female associates that guide us every day—and admittedly, we still have work to do. We will continue driving toward our goals to ensure we have greater representation more development and continued support of our women associates.”

As the company progresses, it commits to encouraging associates to challenge their own biases and promote equality in the workplace by providing trainings on diversity and unconscious bias.  It commits to fostering a culture of Belonging at Block, and we #ChooseToChallenge gender bias through promoting the H&R Block Women’s Network—an employee resource group created to connect, help, and motivate women in their pursuit of professional success and personal fulfillment. We commit to work towards women’s equality in our organization, celebrating our associates’ achievements, raising inequality and bias awareness within the company, and actively challenging our daily actions and thoughts.  

Read the full Catalyst CEO Champions For Change pledge and learn more about H&R Block’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and belonging.


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