Form 433-F


IRS Definition

Form 433-F, is a Collection Information Statement that is mailed to taxpayers for completion by Automated Collection System, Compliance Services Collection Operations, and Accounts Management.

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If you have an unpaid tax balance and do not qualify for a streamlined installment agreement (owe $50,000 or less that can be paid in six years) or you think you can’t pay anything at this time, the IRS may ask you to complete Form 433-F. In most cases you can file Form 433-F, but in certain circumstances, the IRS may request that you complete Form 433-A which asks for more detailed information than the 433-F.

The IRS will use the information you provide to determine your ability to pay. The information you provide will show if you can make a monthly payment or if your expenses exceed your income and you have no ability to make a payment at this time. The IRS may request that you provide proof of your income and expenses such as pay stubs, bank account statements, or credit card statements.

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