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Changes to Tax Return

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1 min read

IRS Definition

The IRS sends notices and letters for the following reasons:

  • You have a balance due.
  • You are due a larger or smaller refund.
  • The IRS has a question about your tax return.
  • The IRS needs to verify your identity.
  • The IRS needs additional information.
  • The IRS changed your return.
  • The IRS needs to notify you of delays in processing your return.

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If the IRS made a change to your tax return and sent you a notice, you usually have the option to agree with the changes or you can send back a response telling the IRS that you disagree with the changes. Be sure to explain why you disagree with the changes and provide documents to support your case. If you disagree without a valid reason, the IRS will send your return for audit review.

Learn how to handle an IRS audit.

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