IRS Notice CP08 – Important Information About the Additional Child Tax Credit


The IRS sends CP08 to inform you that you may be eligible for an additional child tax credit. As a result, you may receive a refund.

Type of Notice: Return accuracy

Most common tax problem area: IRS return and account problems

Why you received IRS Notice CP08

  1. You filed an original return with the IRS listing dependent children but did not claim the additional child tax credit.
  2. The IRS determined that you may qualify for the additional child tax credit and may be due a refund because of the credit.
  3. The IRS sent CP08 to inform you that you may qualify for the credit and to ask you to complete and return the enclosed additional child tax credit worksheet. If the IRS confirms that you qualify for the credit, a refund will be sent in six to eight weeks. If you determine that you do not qualify for the credit, no further action is needed.

Your options to address IRS Notice CP08

  1. Provide the requested information

Notice deadline: N/A

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