IRS Letter 2269C – Delinquent Tax Return/Insufficient Response


The IRS has not received a tax return for the year listed on the letter.

Type of Notice: Late return

Likely next step: File a return

Also see: Return/account problems, IRS penalties, IRS bill for unpaid taxes

Why you received IRS Letter 2269C

  1. The IRS did not receive a complete tax return from you by the due date or you contacted the IRS about a problem with a tax return.
  2. The IRS sent Letter 2269C to notify you that information received by the IRS indicates you must file a tax return, or provide additional information. If you contacted the IRS about a problem with a return, the notice explains the additional information the IRS needs.

Notice deadline: 45 days

If you miss the deadline: If you did not file a tax return, the IRS will file one for you with the information received from others such as employers and banks. If the IRS requested that you provide additional information and you do not provide it, they will be unable to respond to your inquiry.

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