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Arizona Tax Brackets

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1 min read

Arizona individual income tax rates vary depending upon marital status, location, and income.

How is this different than other states? Believe it or not, 32 states and the District of Columbia, have a progressive tax structure, which means there are various tax rates. Arizona is one of those states, where tax rates in Arizona, based on income and filing status.

General Income Tax Bracket Information

Arizona income tax rates tend to be lower than federal tax rates. They range between 0% and 12%.

What Are The Arizona State Income Tax Brackets?

Income earned in Arizona is taxed in brackets at different rates. Those rates vary from low to high based on the amount of income you earn.

Arizona is considered to be a tax-advantaged state, meaning the Arizona tax rates are lower than many other states in the U.S.

The Arizona tax brackets, based in filing status (of Single and Married), are as follows:

Single Rate Married Rate
$0 – $26,500 2.59% $0 – $53,000 2.59%
$26,501 – $53,000 3.34% $53,001 – $106,000 3.34%
$53,001 – $159,000 4.17% $106,001 – $318,000 4.17%
$159,001 and over 4.50% $318,001 and over 4.50%

(Source: Arizona Department of Revenue)

More Help With Taxes in Arizona

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