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7 Things Smart People Never Spend Money On

3 min read

3 min read

Wish you were better with your money? Wish you ruled it more than it ruled you? You can be someone who has it all together, and who is happy and financially secure. It’s all about making smarter decisions. Knowing what to spend your money on – and knowing what to pass on.

Whether you’re a born spender, or a born saver, you can always be smarter with your hard earned dollars.

Here are 7 things that smart people never spend their money on.

  1. Late fees.
    Smart people absolutely refuse to throw their hard earned money away. To avoid costly and pointless late fees, they pay their bills and invoices on time. You can keep things from falling through the cracks by setting up calendar reminders or by enrolling in auto pay.
  2. Paper products.
    Smart people don’t use paper products, instead they opt for re-usables like cloth napkins, tablecloths and towels and glass plates and cups. The minute you stop tossing away paper products, you’ll start doing something good for your budget – and the environment.
  3. Brand new car.
    Is that new car smell really worth it, if the car loses as much as 11% of its value the moment you drive it off the lot? Money-conscious folks don’t think so. If you buy a car that’s at least two years old, you’ll avoid the biggest drop in appreciation. Drive it for three years, and you can sell it before the next price slump.
  4. Services they can do themselves.
    Budget-savvy people can’t justify paying someone to do something they can honestly do themselves. They roll up their sleeves and cut the grass, clean the house and walk the dog. Not only are these tasks of daily living good exercise, they’ll save you money.
  5. Snack size convenience foods.
    Folks with money smarts don’t buy snack-sizes or convenience foods because they don’t want to pay for special packaging. And they don’t think it’s worth it to save a few minutes of time. Because they’d rather save money, they choose to cook from scratch and buy in bulk.
  6. Full price clothing and accessories.
    Smart fashionistas never buy at the beginning of a new season. Because they know that if they wait a few weeks, most everything will go on sale. It pays to walk away from that outfit that just hit the rack, or the shoes that just hit the shelf. They’ll get marked down soon enough.
  7. Unsatisfactory tax preparation.
    Smart people like to save money when filing their tax returns. But they also like to know they’re getting expert guidance.

H&R Block offers both. No matter the tax situation, we have the expertise to assist you, and we give you the flexibility to file your taxes your way – online or in an office. Also, with H&R Block you get your maximum refund, guaranteed.

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